Monday, July 19, 2010


Everyone knows the Wikipedia offers a wealth of content but sometimes it takes an app to show you just how valuable it can be.  Wikihood is one of those apps.  I recently downloaded the free version and I'm hooked.

Wikihood determines your current location and then retrieves information about it from the Wikipedia.  Facts and figures as well as local landmarks are all included.  Each one is listed separately along with the distances from where you're located.

I already learned a few things about my own hometown.  These are items I never would have thought to look for in the Wikipedia.  Yes, like so many other things online, discoverability in the Wikipedia is rough these days!  And since I travel a lot, you can bet I'll fire this app up to see what's around me on the road.

There's also a paid version of the app, called Wikihood Plus which costs $6.99.  The free version restricts categories to persons and culture/buildings while the paid version has no such restrictions.  The Plus version also lets you search the Wikipedia from within the app.  I'm pretty happy with the free version for now but I might upgrade down the road.

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