Monday, September 13, 2010

CBS Sports Pro Football App

I'm a big sports fan and am always on the lookout for the latest sports-related apps.  MLB's AtBat was a favorite of mine on the iPhone and the iPad version has gotten better throughout the season.  I use it each week to check scores and periodically watch a simulated game while I'm doing something else.

The NFL generally gets high marks with fans but don't look to them for a great mobile app.  If you want something like AtBat for the NFL your best bet is the CBS Sports Pro Football app.  It's got everything the pro football junkie needs.  Besides a league-wide scoreboard you can get all the details on any game in progress or completed.  Previews are also offered for upcoming games.  And if you're into fantasy football and happen to use the service, you'll find links for your account in this app as well.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference though.  For example, I missed the Steelers-Falcons game but was able to catch a summary of it via the CBS app.  I was curious about the scoring drives so all I had to do was pick a quarter and then touch one of the on-screen arrows representing team drives in that quarter.  The app displayed a nice summary of what happened on that particular drive, so my questions were quickly answered (Go Steelers!).  Then there's the RapidReports crawler at the bottom of the screen.  It lets me do something I've always wanted the ability to do with crawlers on my TV: rewind or speed them up.

Photos and videos are hard to find in this one.  I assume that's because the NFL is working on it's own app with more functionality.  It's amazing they didn't release one before the season kicked off, but for the time being CBS is offering a terrific alternative...and it's free!

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