Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sometimes a name truly says it all.  That's the case with the Top100Apps iPad app.  I'm constantly searching the App Store for new iPad apps but I'm also interested in what's hot.  If you're looking at individual categories you can use the iPad's App Store app but it only shows 10 entries at a time in the Top Charts view.  I'm easily annoyed having to press the "Show More" button 10 times to see the top 100.

That's where Top100Apps comes in.  It's a freebie that downloads summary info for the top 100 apps overall or any genre, same as what you see in the App Store app.  But rather than having to download information on each batch of 10 separately, Top100Apps shows them all at once.  So I'm quickly able to see what the top 100 apps are in the Books or Sports genres, for example.  You can quickly flip from Paid to Free apps and I've found that each new selection (e.g., going from one genre to another or switching between Paid and Free) takes 5 seconds or less, considerably faster than App Store access for the top 100.  App Store links are built in, of course, so you're just a click or two away from from viewing an entry in Top100Apps to downloading it.

As useful as this one is, it could very easily be made redundant by the App Store app itself.  If Apple ever adds a setting to let you change between "show 10 apps", "show 20 apps", etc., all the way up to "show 100 apps" in their lists there would be no need for Top100Apps.  In the mean time though I'm sure I'll continue using it regularly.

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