Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ESPN an iPad App

I'm a huge sports fan, which is why ESPN's ScoreCenter app has a special place in my heart and on my iPhone.  I use it to track all my favorite teams as well as catch up on scores and news.  It's like having ESPN SportsCenter in your pocket.  So how could the experience be improved on the iPad's big screen?

ESPN could start by implementing some of the pop-up window options I mentioned in my earlier MLB AtBat post.  The iPhone app only lets me track one game at a time but there's no reason for that limitation on the iPad.  I'm also blown away by the complete lack of video and photos through the app.  I know there are rights issues here, but if they're able to show them on their website, why not include them in the app?  If it's a screen real estate issue, that goes away with the iPad.

And while I'd love to see all of that implemented, the #1 feature I want for an iPad edition  That's right.  Chat.  Why not have a window with two frames: one for fans of each team to trash talk the fans of the other team?  How fun would that be during a Yankees-Red Sox game?  I'd definitely have that window open and contribute regularly!  Why stop there though?  Have another option where you can invite your friends into a private chat room to do the same, but on a smaller scale (so that you don't have to find their comments among the zillions of other Sox-hater remarks).

ESPN has an opportunity to build community around this app and the iPad is the perfect device.  I just hope the folks in Bristol are listening.  If they are, I'm also dreaming of a killer iPad app for The Magazine; my subscription runs out soon and I'd love to convert it to an iPad edition!


  1. Hey Joe, just read your blog! Didn't know you were such a big sports fan! I am devoted to MLB At Bat to follow my San Francisco Giants. We will have to talk shop about sports sometime soon.


  2. Hi John. You bet. And good luck getting me to *stop* talking about sports!!