Monday, March 22, 2010

Fluent an iPad App

If you're a news junkie you need Fluent News.  It's an aggregation app that pulls from all of the popular news services.  It's one of my most used iPhone apps.  If the folks at Fluent Media are working on an iPad version I hope they do more than just expand the existing user interface for the larger screen!

For starters, I'd love to see them let you configure several panes of related content.  So if I click on a story, leave the article list pane intact, open a new pane showing the story, but also let me decide whether I'd also like to have another pane open up a list of related article links, for example.  They could also enable another pane for recent twitter tweets on the topic.

If they really want to get fancy, how about adding yet another pane option for videos related to the article's topic?  How about also adding a pane that lets me quickly grab an excerpt and tweet it?  I simply want to grab the text and drag it over to a little Twitter pane and press a "Tweet Now" button.  No flipping screens and the article remains visible the whole time.

And now, for the feature that could take Fluent News from a free app to a paid one...  Push the content to me!  Let me select the type of stories (e.g., anything related to the NHL), topics (e.g., the health care bill) or keywords (e.g., "iPad") and automatically push all the articles from the incoming feeds directly to my device.  Don't make me go out and click to download; do it for me.  I can't tell you how many times I've boarded a plane and thought, "shoot, I wish I would have clicked 'save' on all the Fluent News articles I want to read on this flight!"

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